Economic Alchemy LLC is a financial technology innovation company.   We are dedicated to creating innovative solutions to the most challenging problems facing the economy and financial markets today.

We develop intellectual property assets in the fields of finance and economics, with a special emphasis on harnessing modern technology and computer science to advance the field of economic forecasting and analysis. 

We invent solutions to well-known and persistent problems in the fields of economic and finance, such as the “rear-view mirror” problem, incomplete markets, and asymmetric information problems.

Now-Cast Corp. is a Big Data analytics company.   The Now-Cast® system combines Big Data, machine learning, and sophisticated econometrics to solve what is known as the “rear-view mirror” problem, whereby the current condition of the economy is unknown due to long data reporting lags in government economic data.

Government economic data are published with a significant lag of weeks or even months.  The government can only tell you what is happening in the economy now at a much later point in time.  Investors, business leaders, and policy makers need to know what is happening now, NOW.  Real-time decision-making needs real-time information.

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Economic Alchemy LLC.

We specialize in econometric models and statistical analysis and in real-time interpretation and forecasting.  We create specialized indices and risk management products, including financial instrument design. 

We develop advanced signal extraction methods for large and imperfect data sets, and technology and predictive analytics applications to facilitate business and financial analysis.

We compile and systematize information into computer databases in order to provide research, data, and statistics to facilitate market, economic, and financial research.  We collect, analyze, and compile data for measuring the performance of financial markets and assessing previously unquantified risks.

Our databases grow each day and include macroeconomic data, survey data, industry data, company fundamental data, expectations data, social media data, meta data, and more.   We pioneered the application of so-called “alternative data” in economic and financial forecasting.  We specialize in the creative use of data to identify market anomalies and alpha signals to enhance investment strategies

Our patent-pending Synthetic Variables™ methods and systems combine Big Data, data-mining, machine learning and sophisticated econometrics for unparalleled forecasting accuracy.  We offer consultancy, customized Synthetic Variables™ and bespoke analytical solutions.  We were the first to combine econometrics and machine learning, and we continue to innovate in various areas of the financial technology sector.

Intellectual property protection is a key feature of our business model, as temporal and/or geographic exclusivity can assist us in recouping our risk capital.  Our business model includes commercializing our intellectual property assets through affiliated operating companies, as well as licensing scenarios in cases where it might make sense for another company to take the operational lead.  We are an entrepreneurial company, with a firm commitment to flexibility in bringing our inventions to market.